The truck mounted crane is included among the work equipment listed in Annex VII of Legislative Decree 81/08, for which periodic checks are required to assess its state of conservation and efficiency.

  1. 1
    What are periodic checks?

    The Employer has among his responsibilities, the ordinary and extraordinary maintenance of the lifting equipment as indicated by the Manufacturer.

    In addition to this (as specified by Legislative Decree 81/08 Art.71 c.11)the Employer must submit some types of lifting equipment and periodic checks aimed at assessing the actual state of conservation and efficiency for safety purposes.

    The Employer must ask authorized public or private entities to verify that proper maintenance of the lifting equipment has been carried out.

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    Who can carry out the Periodic Checks?

    In the event of a First Periodic Verification, the holder of the function is INAIL. If this is not done within 45 days of the application, you can contact an Authorized Body.

    There are also exceptions as in the case of pre-CE equipment.

    From the second periodic check and all subsequent ones, you can contact a private Authorized Body at the local ASL / ASPA.

    The list of Authorized Entities is authorized and communicated by the Ministry.

  3. 3
    When should I do the Periodic Checks?

    The timing of periodic checks varies from 1 to 2 years depending on the type, age of the equipment and the usage.

  4. 4
    What do I need to prepare to pass the periodic checks?

    Lifting equipment must always be kept in an adequately maintained condition.

    The documents to be shown are:

    – Verification Book (issued by ENPI, ISPESL or INAIL or Authorized Body)

    CE certificate (not for equipment before CE)

    – – Minutes of previous Periodic Checks carried out by Authorized Entities or ARPA or ASL

    – Maintenance and Use Manual

    – Control Register (specified by paragraphs 4 and 8 of article 71 of Legislative Decree 81/08) including the dated and signed list of maintenance performed as per the manufacturer’s use and maintenance manual

    – Twenty Year Verification Report (also called Supplementary Survey) for mobile cranes, transferable cranes, and baskets / MEWPs over 20 years of age (from construction).

    – Other specific documentation of the vehicle such as radio control certificates where present or certificate of correct assembly.

    The equipment can be handled, so it must be functional and with all safety systems properly adjusted.

    For the load tests it is recommended to prepare weights equal to the maximum capacity of the lifting equipment (in order to demonstrate the commissioning of the safety systems).

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    What do the periodic checks consist of?

    The periodic verification takes place partly as a documentary analysis and partly as dynamic tests of the equipment in order to verify the correct handling and the correct setting of the safety systems.

    At the end of the verification, the verifier releases the positive or negative verification report

ATLAS Allestimenti srl supports you in the entire process of Periodic Verification of the lifting equipment to achieve the success of the same.

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Course for truck loader crane operator

The truck-mounted crane operator course is mandatory for all operators who use this machinery in their reference sector.

As required by the consolidated text on health and safety at work (art.73 of Legislative Decree 81/08), the employer must provide adequate information and training for workers in charge of using particular equipment such as cranes on trucks.

The State-Regions Agreement of 22 February 2012, on the other hand, defines the number of hours and the course program for truck mounted cranes:

  • 12 hours in total, including
  • 4 of theoretical training
  • 8 of practical training
  1. 1
    Course objectives

    To learn all the theoretical notions and the appropriate operating techniques to use loader cranes on trucks in total safety.

  2. 2

    All those who, while carrying out their work, use the truck crane.

  3. 3

    Interactive classroom approach, which places the participant at the centre of the learning process. A balance is guaranteed between theoretical lessons and practical exercises, which have been simulations of specific situations in context.

  4. 4

    Issued to those who participate in at least 70% of the expected number of hours or 90% in the case of compulsory courses on safety, and after passing the test.

  5. 5
    Contents 12 hours

    Legal and technical module
    • Terminology and characteristics of the different types of truck cranes
    • Basic notions of physics to evaluate the mass of a load and the equilibrium conditions of a body
    • Stability conditions of a truck crane
    • Features and main components of truck cranes
    • Types of equipment and gripping organs
    • Remote control devices
    • Contents of the documentation and signs supplied with the truck cranes
    • Use of the load tables provided by the manufacturer
    • Principles of operation, verification and regulation of limiting, indicator and control devices
    • General principles for transfer, positioning and stabilization
    • How to use it safely and possible risks
    • Gestural signage
    Practical module
    • Identification of structural components
    • Command and safety devices
    • Pre-use checks
    • Checks before road transfer
    • Planning of lifting operations
    • Positioning the truck crane at the workplace
    • Operational practical exercises
    • Emergency maneuvers
    • Tests of communication with gestural signals
    • Practical operations to test the correct functioning of the limiting, indicator and position devices
    • Exercise on safe use, on the management of emergency situations and on the compilation of the control register
    • Shutdown of the truck crane

At the end of the course, after passing the intermediate tests for the theoretical part and the final practical verification test, a qualification certificate is issued, which corresponds to the license for the crane on truck.

The 4-hour course is updated every 5 years.

For more information on the complete or refresher course, write to or call +39 0444 440188.